MRCPCH Clinical Courses

Course will be face to face with patients in line with new RCPCH exam pattern.

Feedback Course Date: 8th and 9th February 2019

Feedback Course Date: 8th and 9th February 2019

Date: 8th and 9th February 2019

  • Pre-course Information

    • Didn’t receive one of the information emails. 
    • Regular correspondence and follow up.
    • Gets you ready and in the place.

    Introduction lecture

    • Handouts (PDF format) in email? (not just for development)
    • Clear objectives.
    • Brilliant!

    Range of Patients in clinical stations

    • Extremely good range of patients, thank you.
    • Wide range with strong cooperation.
    • Wide range.  Great exposure. 

    Developmental station

    • Very useful approach and feedback.
    • Very good practice.  Very good advice for S&L.  Table and written info slightly confusing with different ages. 
    • Structure provided with equipment. 
    • Brilliant cases.  Thank you.

    Neurology station

    • Good cases.
    • Provide tips to succeed.
    • Varied and complex – quite good.

    Respiratory station

    • More respiratory cases.
    • Reminded to do a general inspection and CVS as well.  
    • Classic presentations.  Not text book stuff.

    Cardiovascular station

    • Very good variety.
    • Lots of examples.
    • Thank you for taking off my fear for this station.

    Miscellaneous station

    • Short stature and Duchenne very useful. 
    • More MSK.
    • Face, eyes, head and neck – valued. 

    Communication stations

    • More cases.  
    • Excellent actors/actresses.
    • Great exposure to cases.

    History taking

    • More cases needed.
    • Given good support.
    • Confusing.

    Video station

    • Not like new format.  
    • More cases please.
    • Good variety of cases with possible questions.
    • Great slides.

    Feedback given

    • Most consultants very kind and helpful.
    • Constructive feedback valued.
    • Very constructive.


    • No water in the afternoon on first day – bottles.
    • Excellent.


    • Limited options on day 2.  Lots of snacks and teas. 

    Any further comments for suggestions for improvement

    • Fantastic course.
    • Thank you.
    • Well organised.  Pretty intense but worthwhile.  My utmost appreciation to the patients!
    • Thank you.
    • Excellent, thank you.  The timing for cases was about the split time per case.  The patients and their families were co-operative.  
    • Excellent learning, thank you!
    • Beyond expectations!  Simply the best course!  Thank you all so much!!!
    • Great number of patients seen, nice to see so much different pathology.  Could do with maybe more developmental stations but overall very good.
    • Excellent course.  I wish I had done this in ST1.  Excellent learning opportunities. 
    • Excellent course.  Many thanks to all consultants.  Suggest mock exam.  Better idea of assessment and marking.  Ask fellow colleagues to score as well. 
    • Excellent cases and organisation.
    • Very good course.
    • Overall very good course, keep it up.

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