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Course will be face to face with patients in line with new RCPCH exam pattern.

Feedback Course Date: 1st and 2nd February 2019

Feedback Course Date: 1st and 2nd February 2019

Course Date: 1st and 2nd February 2019

  • Pre-course Information

    • Website not mobile friendly.  Not able to see programme easily.
    • Emails not received prior to course – spoke with others who did not receive.
    • I missed this unfortunately.  
    • Excellent.
    • Didn’t receive until 1st Feb.
    • Could have been provided earlier.

    Introduction lecture

    • Very helpful – detailed.
    • Very helpful summary of exam and tips.  
    • Excellent.

    Range of Patients in clinical stations

    • Excellent! 
    • Superb
    • Excellent!  Great to see so many patients!
    • Excellent.
    • The most fantastic array of patients!  More than I’ve ever seen in my career.

    Developmental station

    • Excellent patients – thank you.
    • Excellent to be taught structure and salient aspects.
    • Should put more patients for this station.
    • More opportunities, please, less toys.  
    • Need more of these.

    Neurology station

    • Would like a bit more teaching for neuro findings (e.g. DDX neurology vs. MSK).
    • A lot of cases, rushed.

    Cardiovascular station

    • Amazing patients. 
    • Asking all to examine meant we ran over – encourage everyone to speed up.

    Miscellaneous station

    • More skin and JIA.

    Communication stations

    • Well structured, highlighting system differentiation.  

    History taking

    • Less focus but this is OK as we do this daily in practice.  
    • Add another 2 to 4 history stations.
    • ? More if possible.
    • Reduced time.
    • Wish we had more time.  
    • Would have been lovely if a couple more scenarios were discussed.  
    • Need more of these.

    Video station

    • Very informative – thank you.
    • Good practice – more videos would be helpful.
    • Could have added another few more.  
    • ? More if possible. 
    • More videos as finished early.
    • Very useful but more videos please.  

    Feedback given

    • Sometimes felt did not know if we actually would pass.
    • Excellent.
    • Some stations none given.
    • Honest feedback was given.


    • Give voucher at start of day – less time wasted.

    Any further comments for suggestions for improvement

    • Day 1 was too fast and extremely overwhelming.  ?Divide evenly with time.
    • Lots of interesting cases.
    • Amazing course!  Not only for exams but own clinical development!  A must course for all trainees who can’t get to clinics to see fabulous range of cases.
    • Very good course.  Lots of cases, very good for practice.  
    • Excellent!
    • Groups too large and critique not sufficient.  Some tutors are excellent teachers, others may need review.  Names cannot be remembered.  
    • Brilliant, thank you!
    • Feedback on how to improve examination skills.  
    • Amazing course with good cases.  I would recommend to others.
    • Sincerest thank you for a wonderful course and weekend.  
    • Great variety, great exposure.  Will be nice if all the examiners can state after a candidate finishes a case whether they would pass or fail, or what the basic standards to pass are with each case.  This would help us grossly grade ourselves even if we’re not marked.  
    • Include squint examination / teaching.  
    • Will highly recommend.  The course came recommended to me and did not disappoint!
    • Very well organised and lots of patients.  Quick paced but means get through more.  
    • Fabulous course.
    • Plenty of opportunity to see number of cases.
    • Was great and highly recommend.
    • Thank you very much, very informative.
    • Thank you for your time and commitment to the course.  The most amazing course.  Fantastic.  Would appreciate some structured teaching on developmental station, although would appreciate this would be difficult to fit in.  Fantastic patients and families – so kind of them to help.  
    • Very meaningful to me.

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