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Course will be face to face with patients in line with new RCPCH exam pattern.

CANDIDATE FEEDBACK: MRCPCH Clinical Course 26th & 27th January 2019

CANDIDATE FEEDBACK: MRCPCH Clinical Course 26th & 27th January 2019

Clinical Course 26th & 27th January 2019

  • Pre-course information

    • Don’t recall receiving timetable.
    • Maybe some pre-course PDFs to read before coming, like development pages.
    • Timetable would have been nice.
    • Website difficult to access.

    Introduction Lecture

    • Good insights from examiners perspective.
    • Good overview.
    • Informative of what to expect from the course.

    Range of Patients in clinical stations

    • Very wide spectrum.
    • Excellent range and volume of patients.
    • Incredible range of patients with invaluable clinical signs.
    • Such an amazing range of patients – thanks so much!
    • Very extensive range of patients for clinical examination. Very useful.
    • Excellent varied range of cases.

    Developmental station

    • Need more practice.
    • A few more stations would be appreciated.
    • Took too long which meant we missed seeing patients in our next station as they had gone home.
    • Not everyone got a chance so more opportunity to practice as it is really hard to practice this.
    • Good tips. Maybe more patients for practice.
    • Good tips for development and how to assess.

    Neurology station

    • Lots of cases
    • Wide varied range of cases.
    • (comment re all stations) Not clear which station is in which room, all seem like mixed stations. Sometimes unclear what we should examine because unclear what station we’re at. However, good mix of patients, very valuable being able to see so many signs and discussions surrounding that.

    Misc station

    • Lots of syndrome.
    • Great range of ‘other’ stations.
    • Lots of exposure.
    • Helpful with how to approach random exams, e.g. general / eyes.

    Respiratory Station

    • Lot of findings.
    • Good tips. Never seen lung transplant scan before.

    Cardiovascular station

    • Lots of murmurs.
    • Good cases with varied clinical signs.
    • Lots of murmurs but I would appreciate more guidance as I felt very behind other candidates.
    • Good range of heart sounds and abnormalities. It was useful for all of us to listen and discuss.

    Miscellaneous station d1

    • Good.
    • Excellent exposure to cases.

    Communication station

    • Good practice for me.
    • Great to have actors to go over actions.
    • Actors were very realistic.
    • All communication stations were very useful with very good advice from the examiners.

    History taking

    • Wide experience for me.
    • Excellent to have real parent for history taking station.
    • More history stations would be good.
    • Good tips on how to approach.

    Video station

    • Some of the videos, i.e. reflex anoxic seizure, one required, the starting bit.
    • A bit rushed, more discussion.
    • Can you send on emails for revision.
    • Appreciate if video station can be done a little slower.
    • Good variety.
    • Good range.

    Feedback given

    • Feedback form for candidates not really being utilised well by examiners.
    • Could have used the exam style mark sheets while examining.
    • Critical feedback given in kind manner.


    • Clean and easy to access.


    • Awesome.
    • Great.

    Any further comments for suggestions for improvement

    • Excellent course, thank you.
    • Excellent, will recommend.
    • Best course.
    • Development for two days would be good.
    • Excellent range of patients.
    • Could you please add answers slide in the video station.
    • Some of the examiners gave better individual feedback (the two female examiners).
    • Thank you!
    • Outstanding course, tuition and support. Thank you!
    • Thank you so much. Good to have rotated groups on second day.
    • Great course. Thank you so much.
    • Excellent course, excellent teachers with extraordinary teaching.
    • Brilliant teaching, courses and cases. Keep it up.
    • Advice – first day clinical, second day complete history and communication.
    • Swapping groups from Saturday to Sunday was great but maybe even swapping groups from am to pm as well, so can see even bigger variety. Felt like from Saturday to Sunday went to less helpful group and wished I could swap again.
    • Learned a lot from everyone, than you.
    • Brilliant exposure to things we don’t see every day.
    • It was clear I was behind other candidates so more guidance with CVS stations would have been helpful.
    • Thank you for an excellent opportunity, who knew Tunbridge Wells had so much pathology!
    • Generally very satisfied, excellent course. Examiners very approachable with excellent tips and feedback for the exam.
    • I found this course really useful. Actually this was for me more useful and cost effective than the Evelina course. Thank you so much.
    • Excellent range of cases and feedback on what expected of candidates in exam scenarios. Perhaps have course timetable for access on the day.

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