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Course will be face to face with patients in line with new RCPCH exam pattern.

CANDIDATE FEEDBACK: MRCPCH Clinical Course 6th & 7th October 2018

CANDIDATE FEEDBACK: Course 6th & 7th October 2018

CANDIDATE FEEDBACK: MRCPCH Clinical Course 6th & 7th October 2018

  • Pre-course information

    • A timetable would be helpful.
    • A timetable would have been really helpful – even if just start and lunch times.
    • Programme might have been helpful.
    • Confirm parking fees, etc.
    • Timetable?
    • Good tips for transportation.
    • Timings, structure, dress code – would be helpful.
    • Programme might have been useful.

    Introduction Lecture

    • Good idea of cases to expect.
    • Good and succinct, covered all basic topics and gave a nice prep.

    Range of Patients in clinical stations

    • Wide range of patients.  
    • Excellent number and range of patients.
    • Needed more cases of respo/abdomen findings.

    Developmental station

    • Maybe further development stations.
    • Shame that the children were tired.
    • Brilliant
    • Need more cases.
    • Teaching was excellent by Dr Pandya, wish we had more practice.
    • Perhaps could have had more.
    • Only 2 patients – more patients to assess.
    • Needs more cases.
    • Should have more cases.
    • More structured toys spread out.

    Neurology station

    • Helpful to go through how to do vibration/proprioception properly.
    • Lots of different cases.  Great to see Friedrichs ataxia.
    • Very good practice for neuro.

    Misc station

    • Especially useful: eyes, VP shunt, cochlear implant.
    • Good MIs

    Respiratory Station

    • Nice.

    Cardiovascular station

    • Lots of cases – great!
    • Need more time to clearly hear murmur.
    • Different varieties.
    • Lots of different cases.  Fab!
    • Well prepared cases, broad range.
    • Good teaching for how to present.

    Miscellaneous station d1

    • Good exposure to wide variety.

    Communication station 1

    • Fantastic range of difficult topics.
    • Very good actors and tips given.

    Communication station 2

    • Very good actors.

    Miscellaneious station d2

    • Good, especially eyes and head/neck.

    History taking 1

    • Needs more scenarios.
    • Complex with multiple issues.

    History taking 2

    • Good focus on CF.

    History taking 3

    • Good focus on DM.

    Video station

    • Would have been helpful to know more about the structure, i.e. timings, MCQs only, etc.
    • Needs more sound.
    • More sound.  More related to 1x and Mx rather than pure △.
    • Excellent.
    • Felt a bit rushed.
    • A bit fast!
    • Good resource.
    • Needs more videos.
    • Good focus on one condition.
    • A lot of neuro!  Representative of exam.

    Feedback given

    • Good feedback but not always made clear whether I would have passed or not.
    • Constructive and supportive.
    • Maybe excessively reassuring for some poorer candidates not meeting good standards but not being picked up.  Not clear on pass/fail standards of candidates.
    • Appreciate the strict detailed feedback.
    • Very helpful.


    • Nice to have tea, coffee, biscuits, snacks.

    Any further comments for suggestions for improvement

    • Conduct one mock test just like exam.
    • Course was excellent for consolidating my current knowledge and expanding on exam technique.  
    • Brilliant.  Run more! Really excellent teaching and range of patients.
    • Further cases: myotonic dystrophy, GSDs, could have children with behavioural disorder for development.
    • Please arrange mock exams if possible.
    • You have done what you can and now it’s our turn.  Thank you so much to your team and the patients.
    • Excellent course with good range of cases and good examiners.
    • Excellent course, wonderful facilitators.  Thanks a lot to all of you.
    • Some sort of mock circuit.
    • Fantastic course, excellent range of patients.
    • Excellent breadth of cases.  Everyone friendly/supportive.  Good that we all got to examine each.  Perhaps useful to be told whether you would have passed and specific points to improve.
    • No-one answered the phone for booking my accommodation in the hospital accommodation.
    • Outstanding!  More development, video, Hx station.  Thanks a lot.
    • Amazing course, please continue.  Maybe change groups over 2 days to learn from others.
    • Very useful.  Thank you so much for your effort.
    • Need to show more video scenarios.
    • Useful to have ‘common’ or previous exam examples for each station ?on a handout.  More pre-course into please, expectations/dress code/structure/timings.

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