MRCPCH Clinical Courses

Course will be face to face with patients in line with new RCPCH exam pattern.

Feedback Course Date: 25th and 26th May 2019

Feedback Course Date: 25th and 26th May 2019

Course Date: 25th and 26th May 2019

  • Introduction Lecture

    • Please send PowerPoint slides for reference if possible.

    Range of Patients in clinical stations

    • Good range of patients.
    • Saw all types of cases.

    Developmental station

    • Have more opportunity for practice.
    • To add more stations for development.
    • Not many development stations allocated.
    • More development stations.
    • Would be useful to go through what is expected as limited to what candidate did.
    • Suggest for more cases on developmental station.
    • No cases seen, only 1.
    • Opportunity for all candidates to test at least once. Very important to practise and not only observe, not many cases, more time to be allocated.
    • Should have more.

    Neurology station

    • Very useful.

    Cardiovascular station

    • Too many people in a group. Lack of opportunities to examine.
    • Plenty range of cases.
    • Always felt rushed to listen and difficult to take time to consider murmur as trying to get through everyone.
    • Range of cases excellent.

    Miscellaneous station d1

    • Well done.
    • Good exposure of eye examination.

    Communication stations

    • Very good actors.

    Video station

    • Poor quality videos, but same as exam!
    • Can have more videos – well done.


    • Confusing room settings. Poor ventilation in all rooms.
    • Can improve air conditioning in rooms.
    • Room a bit warm.


    • All too sweet.

    Any further comments for suggestions for improvement

    • Well organised, very good and very helpful. Thank you.
    • Thank you.
    • Could have had some more development examinations. Excellent variety.
    • For improvement – mock circuit, less people in each group.
    • Well planned and variety of cases – thank you.
    • Excellent, very helpful, well-structured and organised.
    • Very valuable course. I would certainly recommend to my colleagues.
    • Encourage candidates to keep to times. We always seemed to be waiting for one or two people.  Also when we all had a chance to listen to a murmur for instance, people should be encouraged to be quick so all patients can still be seen.
    • Hope to have longer time to examine patients.
    • Thank you, good to see range of cases. Good feedback from candidates.  Good to get an approach to general exam.  Good to change groups next day.
    • Please conduct thrice/year, one month before exam.
    • Really excellent cases. Sometimes it would be good to speed people along during CVS exam to allow everyone to have adequate time to hear murmur.  In some circumstances it would be good to allow people to listen after diagnosis is revealed (e.g. type of murmur) so we can have a listen again and get it in our brains.  Also a little bit of teaching at the beginning on things that you have picked up that have repeatedly been done badly in the past.  I understand that this might not be possible given the time.  Thank you.  This was an excellent course!
    • Could have more developmental stations. If possible, mock test.
    • Probably smaller group for the course (e.g. 4 to 5 persons).
    • Should have more developmental stations (at least one case for each candidate) and one history taking for each candidate.

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